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When I purchased my house in 2000, I went to a so-called ‘upscale’ store to buy a new bed. When they lugged the cloned box spring and mattress out of the warehouse and into my car, I didn’t think much about it. Every morning for the past 5 years, I’d wake up tired with no energy and my back and feet ALWAYS hurt. I figured I was just getting old and that was the cause of it. In 2005, I decided to give my son my old mattress and I’d go out and buy myself a new one. I saw a TV ad for Holder and decided to go in and browse. When I met with the sales person I was amazed to find out that the way you sleep really does matter on what type of mattress you should sleep on. They customized the mattress and designed it specifically for the way I sleep! I was also shocked that buying a customized mattress set was actually less than what I paid 5 years earlier at the other place. I can honestly say that since I purchased my Holder Mattress, I’ve woken up pain-free EVERY morning. I was so impressed with my Holder Mattress that I purchased one for my mother as well.

- Jeff Degler

My husband and I kept making the same mistake when buying a mattress….we always went for ‘The BIG mattress sales with the bargain prices,’ only to find that literally 6 months later we would have permanent body indentations that felt like we were sleeping in craters! We might as well have thrown our money out the window…..it was awful….until we heard about Holder Mattress. What we found unique about Holder is that they do not mass produce their mattresses and they can make your mattress specifically to what your comfort needs are…they really are custom made mattresses for you! At first my husband was concerned about price but with all our past mistakes we found out that you get what you pay for and we had actually ended up spending more money on all those other ‘bargain’ mattresses than if we just would have gone with a Holder Mattress originally! We invested in the Holder Registry Pillow Top…we have had it for three years (by now we would have already gone though three of the mass produced ‘bargain mattresses’) My husband has no more back pains, I actually get the sleep I need because I no longer find myself rolling in the crater! Because of how wonderful our Holder Mattress is, I took my 11 year old daughter who is a very serious ballet dancer into Holder Mattress because she started complaining about her back hurting. The trained staff at Holder took her around and had her try out some different mattresses, they asked her a few questions about what she felt was comfortable and they recommended The Keystone for her. Our daughter has been sleeping on her Holder Mattress for 2 years and ever since has not complained about any back pain. As a matter of fact, our daughter says to me all the time, ‘Mom, I just love sleeping on my mattress, I think it is what sleeping on a cloud would be like!’ Knowing this, I am happy to say that my husband and I are expecting another daughter soon and while my husband finished up the nursery and put up the crib …I will give you one guess as to what type of baby mattress we have in the crib….none other than a Holder baby mattress! Now Holder is a family tradition in our house …. we would not think of using anything else!

- Mr. and Mrs. Toney

We want to thank you for being so courteous when we were in your store to buy a mattress. We couldn’t be happier with our new mattresses. It is just what we hoped it would be. The young men who delivered the mattresses were very helpful in every way. We are sure to remember your people if and when we ever need another mattress.

- The James

I am a proud mommy to the sweetest little 10month old miracle baby. I have a twin sister and a couple of friends that have infants close in age. I’m almost positive that being a mother is 10 times more fun when you can share the experience with family and friends! Recently, while comparing stories and milestones, I have sensed some jealousy. This seems to occur when the topic of “sleeping through the night” is discussed. My little girl sleeps like a champ! I have to wake her up almost every morning … this is after sleeping 10 plus hours at night! I mentioned that she doesn’t have just any mattress, she has a Holder Mattress! They had a lot of questions and I was happy to enlighten them! Although I can’t take much credit – I owe it to Lauren Taylor! Thanks again Lauren for giving my baby the opportunity to experience what “sleeps like a baby” really means and of course, a Holder Mattress!!!

- Beth Hofmann

Thank you for one of the best purchases of my life. My Holder mattress is worth every penny! After 25 years, I still find it to be super comfortable and supports my back. I had 2 major back surgeries. When I am traveling, I miss my Holder mattress. Thank you for a wonderfully crafted bed. Proud to be a Hoosier! Goodnight,

- Brenda Ronne-Russell,RN

I try to buy locally and I like buying from family owned businesses. I have experienced owning Holder Mattresses for thirty years and now my children buy them too. We tell all our friends and relatives, if you want a great mattress buy from Holder. Holder will customize your mattress and they are amazing at listening to your needs. They are wonderful people. I’ve purchased two mattresses from them in the past 18 months.

- S. Brookston